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About With Women

Jordan Miles

Certified Midwife & Home Birth Facilitator

“I pray that out of his glorious richness he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being…” Ephesians 3: 16

In 2015, I was offered a job with a local Labor and Delivery unit as a Registered Nurse. I accepted, and had no idea how much of an impact this “yes” would have on my life. Over the next 3 years, I cared for women throughout their labor, birth, and postpartum journeys. My love for women’s health grew significantly throughout this time, and I started to having realization after realization: women wanted options; women wanted control over the decisions concerning their bodies and their babies; women

wanted information, education, and empowerment.


In 2018, I graduated from Frontier Nursing University with my Certified Nurse Midwife degree and went to work at a Hospital in Florida, where I cared for many expectant and new mothers. And during my third pregnancy, I felt a shift stirring within myself: I wanted a different experience with this birth - I wanted options, control, and empowerment.


My husband and I started looking into alternative options regarding the birth of our baby. I researched home births, and felt a distinct calling to birth our baby at home. We ultimately decided to consult a home-birth midwife, and had so much peace about this method. We made the decision, and this "yes" was arguably even more impactful than the first.

Jordan Miles and her spouse after the homebirth of their baby.
Jordan Miles's family after the homebirth of your baby.

I will never forget the peace I felt in that moment: the intimacy and emotions of meeting our baby girl for the first time without any chaos, tasks, or agendas. It was simply our time to bond, and things moved at our pace. Something that wasn't available during our first two births; something we didn't know we were missing until we experienced it.


This experience ultimately ignited a fire within me - the desire to help facilitate this experience for other women. I have since then pursued my Certified Professional Midwife degree, which specializes in facilitating, assisting, and supporting home births. It is my belief, that all women should have access to this kind of peace, care, and intimacy. I am honored and blessed to stand with women in these most 

miraculous moments, and facilitate births as they were always intended to be: peaceful.

To say that this experience changed us is an understatement. I truly wish all women could feel what I felt that morning, as I held our fresh baby girl in the birthing pool in my home -  my husband by my side and the early morning sun peaking through our kitchen window; my birthing team present, but uninterrupted; my older children asleep down the hall, not yet knowing they were about to wake up to a new sister.

My Philosophy

I believe that women should be the keepers of their own bodies - that with the right support and education, every woman has the ability to make the best decisions for herself and for her family. I believe that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are some of the most important times in a woman’s life. And that each woman should have access to high quality care, with ample time for questions, conversations and education. Streamlined 15-20-minute prenatal visits can not adequately equip women with the knowledge and understanding they need for their pregnancies or for the delivery of their babies. I believe a comfortable “home-like” environment, along with extended appointment times can greatly increase the

empowerment and satisfaction associated with pregnancy and birth. In addition, I believe all women deserve the opportunity to birth how and where they want, without biased opinion, agenda, or negativity.


My hope is that by providing women with a safe space for education and a safe place for delivery, we will see physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually uplifted outcomes. A positive birth experience will change you, especially one that empowers you, educates you, and allows you to be the driver of your choices -- and my goal is to assist you to that end. 

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